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Sherpa Stew DVD (Standard)

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The Sherpa of Nepal’s high Himalaya are known for their endurance and ability to survive at oxygen-deprived altitudes. And in New York City, they’re driving cabs, selling imports at street market stalls and chopping vegetables in restaurant kitchens.

Sherpa Stew is the story of hard-working immigrants who put everything on the line to provide a better life for their families. Follow mountaineers Nima Dawa Sherpa and Kipa Sherpa from the top of Mount Everest to Queens, New York, as they strive to start a new life. Their story will have you reconsidering your assumptions about the people you pass on the street.

DVD: (Documentary) English, Nepalese and Sherpa with English Subtitles TRT: 84 minutes - Closed Captioned included.

Great for schools and libraries, and people who love adventure and inspiring character driven films. Buy this DVD and 50% of your purchase will be donated to Make Others Greater ( Thank you for your purchase!

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